Buffalo Bore .45 ACP+P 255 Grain Hard Cast

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When buying competition and defensive ammunition quality is key and Buffalo Bore Ammunition is considered by many experts to be among the best in the industry. Using high quality components and modern processes has solidified Buffalo Bore Ammunitions reputation among competitive and defensive shooters. Shooters of all levels will benefit from the time and effort they put into perfecting their ammunition. Buffalo Bore Ammunition is an excellent choice for the discerning shooter who wants the very best for defense and competition.

Muzzle velocity: 925 fps

Velocity at 25 yards: 889 fps

Velocity at 50 yards: 865 fps

Muzzle energy: 484 ft/lbs

Energy at 25 yards: 458 ft/lbs

Energy at 50 yards: 439 ft/lbs

Uses: Defense, Hunting

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