ATI-German Sport Guns 10" Barrel GSG-MP40P 9mm Pistol

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ATI-The German Sport Guns GSG-MP40P 9mm Pistol with 10" BarrelAmerican Tactical & GSG are excited to bring to the United States the very first reproduction of the original WWII MP-40 in 9mm.Manufactured as a pistol with no stock, this replica classic firearm is the closest version of an MP-40 to be importable in decades! While maintaining a close overall appearance to the original WWII firearm, the GSG-MP40P is manufactured with all new parts to US regulation specs for importation.Only these first few pistols we have will come with the American Tactical’s limited wooden display crate as shown in the picture, so order yours today!Comes from the factory with 1 - 30 round magazine and a loading assistance accessoryThe GSG-MP40P is a new manufactured pistol and is only a replica in appearance to the original MP-40. This pistol is not compatible with original WWII MP-40 parts or magazines.Use only commercial grade ammunition in its original packaging that corresponds with the caliber of the gun. The correct caliber is imprinted on the gun.American Tactical has tested this Pistol with 115 & 147-grain factory new ammunition and 135-grain hollow point.Never use reloaded, “refurbished”, hand-loaded or non-standard ammunition of a different caliber.Never use dirty, wet, corroded, bent, damaged or oiled ammunition.

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