Arsenal SLR-104UR 5.45x39 Carbine Folder

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The SLR-104UR is a Bulgarian made, stamped receiver, modern sporting  rifle in a 5.45x39.5mm caliber. It has a chrome lined hammer forged 16”  barrel with a short gas system, front sight block / gas combination  (Krinkov or AKS74U). The furniture consists of reinforced black polymer  stock set with a stainless steel heat shield inside the lower handguard  for more effective heat dissipation, and a left-side folding buttstock  with a trap door for the cleaning kit. This rifle includes the US made  anti-slap double stage trigger group by Arsenal, Inc. for increased  accuracy and predictability and a scope rail for Optics attachment.  Ships with a cleaning rod, sling, oil bottle, cleaning kit, and one  30-round mil-spec Bulgarian Arsenal magazine.

• Removable muzzle break.
• Rock solid folding stock makes the rifle compact.
• Stainless steel heat shield.
• Hammer forged chrome lined barrel.
• Scope rail for optics.
• 500m rear sight.
• Trap door for cleaning kit.
• Perfect candidate for SBR.
• US made anti-slap double stage trigger group by Arsenal, Inc.
• Stamped receiver.
• Mil-spec double stack mag.
• 30rd Mil-Spec mag included.
• Accepts all standard mil-spec mags.
• Sought after by collectors and shooting enthusiasts.
• Not a parts kit rifle.
• Great for target practice, long distance and small game hunting.
• Good personal defense round.
• Ammo is readily available on the market.
• Easy to clean and maintain.
• Mil. Surplus (Corrosive) ammo is ok due to chrome lining.
• Limited Manufacturer’s 1 year Warranty from date of retail purchase.

  • $1999.99