Ammunition Waiver Form

All ammunition orders must include an ammunition waiver unless you have a current C&R or FFL on file with us. If you've previously sent us your waiver, please email us to let us know and we'll pull a copy from our fiiles. Please print and fill out this waiver and either fax to (305) 227-9918 or email to Make sure to include a legible copy of your current driver's license or other state issued I.D.

You may also mail the form & I.D. to:

Florida Armory, Inc.

8870-3 SW 40th Street

Miami, FL 33165

Ammunition purchase waiver form

I _________________________________, am over the age of 18 and legally able to purchase rifle ammunition. I am 21, if purchasing handgun ammunition. I have attached a copy of a valid state I.D. I am a legal citizen of the United States of America or have all proper documentation to legally buy ammunition in the USA. I assume all risk associated with misuse or improper use of any ammunition purchased from Florida Armory, Inc. I have checked and verified that there are no federal, state or local laws prohibiting my ability to purchase ammunition from Florida Armory, Inc.


Address: _______________________________________________________________________



Zip code______________

State I.D. #: ________________________________________

I.D. expiration date: __________________________________

Date of Birth:______________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________________


Please make sure that you print clearly. Remember to include a legible copy of your valid state I.D.