Smith & Wesson SW671 Extraction and Evasion Tomahawk

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Smith & Wesson 671 Extraction & Evasion Tomahawk. The Smith & Wesson Escape and Evasion Tomahawk features an Heavy Duty black coated 1070 high carbon steel hawk head with a primary edge for chopping, partially sharpened secondary edge on the lower side for hooking, and sharpened "V" shaped spike on the back. The handle is made of durable Kraton and heavy steel and is 15.9" in length. Includes a durable Nylon sheath, and weighs 2 lbs and 11.0 ounces. See photos. Specifications: * Overall: 15.9" (40.4 cm), * Steel: 1070 High Carbon Steel * Handle: Kraton and Steel * Includes Nylon Sheath * Weight: 2 lbs. 11.0 oz.
  • $99.99