Bushmaster M4 6.8SPC A2 carbine

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A2 Carry handle, heavy barrel, no M4 cutout. This Gas Operated Semi-Auto packs a bigger punch than our 5.56mm/.223 models - a .270 cal. 6.8mm SPC (”special purpose cartridge”) punch specifically developed for the military, but now available commercially. Velocity averages a bit over 2600 FPS (with Hornady 115 Gr. V-Max), and the heavier bullet weights deliver a terminal energy capable of bringing down larger game. Includes Removable Handle, our Bushmaster hard plastic, lockable storage case complete with Black Web Sling, 26 Round Magazine, Operating and Safety Instruction Manual and One Year Warranty. Technical data :
  • Caliber 6.8mm SPC
  • Weight without Magazine 6.5 lbs.
  • Magazine 26 Rounds
  • Length Overall 34.74 inches
  • Barrel Length 16 inches
  • Rifling 1 x 10 inches R.H.

  • $2499.99